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Fleet Services Specialists LLC    |   3770 East Grand Avenue    |    Pomona, CA 91766   |    (909) 397-7576    |    info@fleetservicespecialists.com

All of our technicians are Ricon Lift Trained and Certified.

Since 1971, Ricon innovation has lead the industry in the design, manufacture and installation of wheelchair lifts and ramps for commercial, paratransit, transit, motorcoach and passenger rail vehicles. Ricon Corporation has also become a leading supplier of graffiti-fighting transit windows. Operating from a modern facility in Los Angeles, Ricon Corp. is the largest manufacturer of its kind in the world.

The Ricon global commercial dealer network assures customers deal locally with people they know and trust. Virtually all Ricon dealerships are indepenent and locally owned, many with customer relationships based on decades of service. Ricon dealers provide responsive customer service and support in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Ricon Corporation is a Wabtec company focused on developing strategic partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions to strengthen our industry leadership position and meet the growing needs of worldwide commercial and transit marketplace.